The Office of the Treasurer serves as the banker, investor, and custodian of public funds for the City of Los Angeles.  As the City's banker, we oversee a cash management program that exceeds $50 billion annually. Since January 2001, the City's general investment portfolio has increased from approximately $3.2 billion to today's $10 billion, which produces over $100 million in returns annually!  As custodians, the public can rest assured that investments are managed prudently. 

Treasurer Reports and Public Information

The Office of Finance maintains and provides information on a wide variety of revenue and treasury topics associated with its operations for the City of Los Angeles.  Requests for information not currently available on this web site can be made at the following link:

CPRA Request Portal
Presentation to the City of Los Angeles Treasurer on the City's General Pool Investments
Responsible Banking Investment Monitoring Program

Currently Available Information

2018 Office of Finance Annual Plan

Office of Finance data published on the City of LA Open Data Portal

City Treasurer and Investment Reports

Monthly Listing of New Business Registrations

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