Business Support Tools

We invite you to use these business support tools for all your business needs for avoiding fines and lines!

Finance Calendar Checklist First Year

Tired of Missing Deadline's and Due Dates?

Join our Google Calendar to receive notifications on important deadlines. 

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Need Assistance?

Make sure you compile all of the enclosed information so we can properly serve you.

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Don't Owe More Than You Have To.

You may owe first year taxes if you don't renew before the deadline and make over $100k.
Learn about the back tax here.

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Change Close paperless stmt vendor reg

Changing Ownership or Closing a Business?

Learn what you need to do if you close down or change your business type, ownership, or classification.

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Received a Paperless Statement?

Check your Office of Finance correspondence by logging in here.                                          

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Grow With the City

For businesses interested in contracting with the City to provide goods or services, register here as a vendor.

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