Introducing the 2019 Annual Report

2019 Finance Annual Plan - Cover

Dear City of Los Angeles:

As the Director of Finance and on behalf of the Office of Finance, I am excited to present to you the 2019 Annual Report, which charts the progress we have made towards becoming a model of operational excellence and customer service. In 2017, we established the mission, vision, values, and goals for the department. In 2018, we put those goals into practice by advancing new methods and approaches to our organizational transformation. For 2019, we build on these successes by not only doing more, but doing it better and more efficiently. This year's report is designed to tell the story of the transformative year that was 2018 and to tell it from the perspective of the members of Team Finance who led the transformation, initiative by initiative. As you will read, at the heart of every achievement - from new technologies to new approaches to supporting new industries - it is the people of Team Finance who make it happen; it is the entire team of dedicated women and men of Finance that drive us to meet our vision of being a national leader in municipal tax and treasury service and a model of professional excellence and financial management.

Like a team of mountain climbers, we are on a journey of transformation, establishing paths to be - and to serve - better than ever. That is why we have chosen a theme of expedition - to be able to highlight the real people, real processes, and real results helping to propel Finance forward up the mountain of transformation!

Please click on the link below and I hope you enjoy!

Claire Bartels, Director of Finance / City Treasurer

2019 Annual Report - Office of Finance