LATAX - Your Online Services Suite

LATAX is the tax and permit processing system for the Office of Finance and the City of LA.  We invite you to use this system for all your business needs, from paying tax bills to registering your business, and avoid standing in lines!

Online bill pay

Register Your Business

Online Renewals

Have a Bill Stub Number? Avoid Lines, Pay Your Bills Online.

With our online bill pay service, you can skip the lines at the counter and pay from the comfort of your home or business. 

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Is Your Business Registered?

If your business is within the City of Los Angeles, you must register for a Business Tax Registration Certificate.  Avoid fines and register today.

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Renew Your Permits and Certificates Easily Online.

Your Business Tax Registration Certificate or permit may require annual, quarterly, or monthly renewal depending on your business type.  Renew easily online.

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Penalty Waiver Request

Paperless Statements

Privacy and Refund Policy

Owe back taxes, but facing financial hardship?

With our online penalty waiver request, you can apply to waive any penalties once all fees and associated interest is paid.

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Go Green! Sign Up For Paperless Statements

Why waste paper and clutter your mailbox if you can statements emailed to you.  Sign up below!

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Learn About Our Privacy and Refund Policies

The City of Los Angeles takes your privacy seriously.  Learn about the steps we take to ensure you are protected.

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