Self Service Business Tools (BETA)

At the Office of Finance, we want to empower business owners to take their business planning into their own hands.  To help you, we have created three tools that we believe can you help you plan out your finances and stay in good standing with the City.

Please note that these tools are still in beta, which means we will be continually making improvements till they meet all of your needs.

Biz Reg Tool

Construction Contractor

Biz Reg Tool

Want to know what you will owe?

The Business Tax Calculator will help you estimate your City taxes.

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Construction contractor? Calculate taxes due.

The Contractor Calculators will help you estimate your City taxes.

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Is your business registered?

Use this tool to determine if you have already registered with the City or if you need to.

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Legal Cannabis Locations

address lookup tool

Contractor Handbook

Want to know where the licensed cannabis retailers are located in the City?

Our interactive map of legal cannabis retailers will show the nearest one to your location.

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Is Your Business Within the City of LA?

Use this address look-up tool to determine if you are within the City limits.

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Want to work with the City of Los Angeles?

Download our Contractor's Handbook to learn the in's and out's of contracting with the City.

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