Police Permit (non-alarm)

**Please note:

  • You should not apply for a Police Permit until all Fire and Building Permits are complete and approved, including Conditional User Permits (CUPs).
  • Please note that Police Permits are subject to disclosure under the California Public Records Act.​

Once you have filed your application for a Business Tax Registration Certificate, you will know if you need to apply for a Police Permit. Please follow the steps below:

Verify Business Location

Businesses should consult the Department of Building and Safety and obtain a Zoning and Use Clearance for Police Permit Form and have it signed off.

Contact Information:

Phone: (866) 452-2489 ; (213) 473-3231 ; 311
Website: www.ladbs.org

Assemble Business Documents

Business Documents

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Deed/Lease to business location for which permit will be requested

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Zoning and Use Clearance for Police Permit Form WITH CUP, if required for business activity

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ABC License (with conditions)

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Other permit specific documents required (this information will be given to you at the permit class)

Gather the following documents for your business based on its legal classification




Sole Proprietorship

Spousal Statement, if needed

Sole Proprietor
(Spouse, if involved in the business)

(General and Limited)

- Spousal Statement, if needed and
- Partnership Agreement
- Certificate of Limited Partnership* for limited partnerships

All partners

Limited Liability Companies

- Articles of Organization
- Fictitious Name Statement
- Operating Agreement, identifying partners

All owners

Corporation (C-corp., S-corp., and Professional corp.)

- Corporate Resolution/Meeting Minutes identifying officers
- Articles of Incorporation**
- Corporate seal and number
- Stock certificates

The President
All corporate officers
Note: The Corporate Secretary signs the Resolution​

Organization, Association, or Non-profit Organization/Association Resolution
Organization/Association Bylaws
All executive officers
Note: The Association Secretary signs the Resolution​

1 Documentatiion must show percentage of ownership of the business for each owner
2 In addition to the persons identified above, any and all person(s) with greater than 5% financial interest in the business must apply, regardless of the legal classification of the business
* Must be certified by the Secretary of State
** The Articles of Organization or Annual Statement (filed with the Secretary of State) must identify who runs the company

For businesses that were purchased, also include (as applicable):

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Bill of Sale

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Final Escrow Papers

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Grant Deed

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Sales Contract

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Type of Ownership

Permit Class

Attend a permit class given by the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD). Permit classes are held several times each month. Call (213) 996-1210, Monday through Thursday between the hours of 7:00 to 11:30 am and 1:00 to 3:00 pm,to schedule yourself for a class. Bring your business documents with you to the class. LAPD Staff will explain the application process and supply forms specific to your business.

Any representative who appears for the permit class must have knowledge of the business in order to make the time useful. The representative should be prepared to pass information on to the permit applicants.

MASSAGE THERAPIST APPLICANTS will be scheduled for a special Massage Permit class.

Documentation Review 

Call the LAPD Permit Processing Section at (213) 996-1210 for an appointment to have your documentation reviewed.

If all documents other than fingerprinting are complete, LAPD staff will collect your documents and give you:

  • Authorization to file your application and pay required fees
  • Live Scan fingerprint forms

File Application and Pay Fees

Applications and payments are submitted to the Office of Finance. Cash, credit cards, or checks, made payable to the City of Los Angeles, are accepted. 

Group 1 Police Permits Group 2 Police Permits


All applicants should be fingerprinted according to specific instructions given during your documentation review. Your application is not complete if fingerprint results are not received. 

Inspection of Business Location

If an inspection of the business location is requested, you should make yourself available to answer questions that may arise during the inspection. If you do not make the location open to inspection, the permit will be denied.