Online Business Tax Renewal (E-filing) Instructional Walk Through

  1. Visit to get started. You will be greeted with the following page:

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  1. Enter your account number, SSN, or FEIN number, business address, street number, and zip code to proceed. The SSN or FEIN number must be on file with Office of Finance to be used.

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  1. After entering the system, please confirm that all information is accurate. If everything is correct, click "Continue with Filing" to proceed. If the account information is incorrect, please click "Exit E-Filing" and contact our office at (844) 663-4411.


  1. After clicking "Continue with Filing" button, the following summary is displayed. Please read the instructions and proceed when ready.


  1. Compliance with disability access laws applies to all California building owners and tenants with buildings open to the public.


  1. If you have multiple gross receipts based classifications and at least one classification accounts for 80% or more of the business' total gross receipts, you may report and pay under that single classification.


  1. Enter your prior year's gross receipts in the box provided.  Click the "Submit and Move to Next Step" button when ready.


8.  This page is used to determine eligibility for either the Small Business Exemption or the Creative Artist Exemption. 

Small Businesses:
Those who qualify for the small business exemption only need to complete the top portion of the page. Enter your total taxable and non-taxable gross receipts in the box provided.  Click the "Submit and Move to Next Step" button to continue.


Creative Artists:
Creative artists will need to segregate gross receipts between receipts earned from creative activities and receipts earned from non-creative activities. Please complete all fields as indicated by the arrows in the screen print below. When the fields are complete, click the "Submit and Move to Next Step" button to continue.


  1. Under the "Report Business Activities" page are two boxes to input an applicable NAICS code.  These NAICS codes help classify your type of business.  Here a  PDF iconNAICS Code Listing.  If you cannot find your applicable NAICS code, leave these boxes blank.  Click the "Submit and Move to Next Step" button to continue.


  1. Confirm that all information entered, is correct. If so, click the "Generate My Tax Renewal" button.  If corrections are needed, click the "Return to Start" button.


  1. After generating the tax renewal, you are taken to the actual form generated. Complete the filer's declaration at the bottom of the page and click the "Accept Return and Continue" button.


  1. If no payment is due, then your renewal is complete and you can print this page for your records. If payment is required, the following screen presents the available options for you to remit your payment to the Office of Finance. Once you have completed the payment process, click the "Finish" button which will take you back to the Office of Finance website to print a renewal confirmation.