Alarm Permits General Information

You must have an alarm permit—it’s the Law. LAPD officers handle 6,000 to 7,000 alarm calls each month, and over 90% are determined to be false alarms. Every alarm user, residential and business, can do his or her share to reduce false alarms and to help preserve police resources.

Whether your alarm system is for your home or for a business, you must:

Have a Valid Alarm User Permit

To obtain an alarm permit, you can apply online, contact us, or visit an Office of Finance branch office before 3:00 p.m..

  • Initial Permit: $43
  • Annual Renewal: $26

Notify Your Alarm Company

Provide your alarm company with your permit number and updated emergency contact information.

Display Your Permit Number

Post a copy of your permit number on the premises, at or near the main entrance, so that the responding officer can identify your contact information.

False Alarm Fees and Penalties

Under the revised Alarm Ordinance, the City will no longer respond to alarms free of charge. In addition to recovering the $216 fee for service, escalating penalties will be imposed for multiple false alarms.

Fees effective September 18, 2017

False Alarms Fees & Penalties With Permit Fees & Penalties With No Permit
1st $216 $316
2nd $266 $416
3rd  $316 $516
4th... $366 $616


If you believe your alarm activation was not false, you may appeal to the Board of Police Commissioners. For more information, contact the Los Angeles Police Commission Alarms Section at (213) 996-1200 or to learn about your rights and responsibilities, appeals, and to obtain printable documents.