About Us

Claire Bartels

Organization Summary

The Office of Finance was created in 2000 as a result of Charter reform efforts. On an annual basis, the Office of Finance is responsible for the collection of over $2.5 billion in revenue from various sources including taxes, licenses, fees, and permits which pay for numerous essential municipal services to City residents and businesses. Our primary responsibility is to collect revenues, outstanding delinquencies and claims on behalf of other City departments. The Office of Finance also assists other revenue producing departments in the City by recommending standardized billing and collection procedures based on best practices in an effort to improve the City's collection of outstanding debt.

Effective August 17, 2011, the Office of the Treasurer merged into the Office of Finance. Treasury functions performed include serving as the custodian of all money deposited in the City Treasury and custodian of all securities bought by the City. This includes actively managing the City's $8 billion General and Special Pool investment portfolio, and cash and debt programs exceeding $50 billion. We carry out the mission statement through the efforts of 380 employees and a budget of $37 million. The Office of Finance also provides information to businesses and individuals regarding the City’s tax and fee collection program. This website presents summaries of many of the City's current tax and fee requirements.

Office of Finance Mission Statement

To provide efficient, effective, and responsible revenue collection and treasury services through a customer focused environment to taxpayers and City departments through management, assessment and application of best practices.

Public information is available at three locations throughout the City, over the telephone, and via e-mail. On-line filing is available for the annual business tax, police alarm permit, police permit, fire permit and tobacco retailer permit renewals. In addition, on-line filing is available to renew official police garage forms, monthly communication user's tax, monthly parking occupancy tax and monthly transient occupancy tax forms.

Bills can also be paid on-line by credit card or e-check. We have staff working in the field directly with the Citys taxpayers through audit and enforcement activities. Employees in our Department include specialized classifications such as Tax Compliance Officer, Tax Auditor, and Collection Investigator.

AB63 Program

Under state legislation, the City has access to basic tax information provided on State income tax returns filed with the Franchise Tax Board. This information is used to identify businesses that owe City business taxes to help pay for critical City services, establish a fairer business tax system and fund future business tax reform and affordable housing. The AB63 Program has resulted in significant revenue for the City of Los Angeles with more than 149,000 new business tax accounts and over $140 million in revenue since inception in 2002.