2021 Business Tax Deadline Extensions

Ordinance Number # 187119 to extend business tax and police and fire permit fee deadlines for certain businesses was adopted by the Los Angeles City Council with an effective date of July 7, 2021.
Section 1. Subdivision 7 is added to Subsection (a) of Section 21.05 of Article 1, Chapter II of the Los Angeles Municipal code to read as follows:

7.         Notwithstanding any other provision in this Code, any business tax owed for business activity conducted during the 2020 Calendar Year shall not be due until February 28, 2022, for the following business tax classifications:

  1. Section 21.53    Amusement Park
  2. Section 21.62    Billiards, Etc.
  3. Section 21.63    Amusement Machines
  4. Section 21.64     Coin Operated Phonographs and Music Machines
  5. Section 21.65.1  Coin Operated Scales and Service Machines
  6. Section 21.70     Bowling Alley, Skee-ball, Shuffleboard, Etc.
  7. Section 21.74     Circuses
  8. Section 21.83     Dance Hall
  9. Section 21.85    Public Dance
  10. Section 21.94     Rides

Based on the adoption of the forementioned ordinance, your 2021 business tax liabilities to the City of Los Angeles for these specific business tax classifications will not be due until February 28, 2022.  If you were unable to report and remit your 2021 business tax renewals in a timely manner for the 2021 business tax renewals deadline of March 1, 2021, the Office of Finance will be negating any assessments that have been created prior to the revised February 28, 2022, deadline.

If you have any additional questions, please contact the Customer Support Division at (844) 663-4411.