2017 Traditional Paper Filing Information, Forms, and Instructions

Renew on-line and save time, effort and postage!

We encourage all taxpayers to utilize our e-filing system to file their business tax renewals. The e-filing system will automatically calculate your business tax liability.  If you qualify for an exemption, or otherwise owe nothing, submit your business tax form on-line and you are finished!  Last year, over 250,000 taxpayers took advantage of our e-filing system to complete their annual business tax renewal.

Listed below are the instructions and supplemental forms to complete your business tax renewal by mail.

Renewal Booklet Instructions

(This booklet has special step-by-step instructions to help you complete your 2017 Business Tax Renewal.)

Blank Renewal Forms

(These are blank forms that can be used, if needed, for your 2017 Business Tax Renewal.)

Supplemental Forms

If your business is one that requires a supplemental form, please download the appropriate form(s) below and include them when mailing your renewal forms to the City.

Filing your Renewal Form

Make a copy of your completed renewal form to retain for your records. If mailing your form, please ensure that your check is enclosed and mail the original with required signatures to the following address:

City of Los Angeles Business Tax

Office of Finance

P.O. Box 513996

Los Angeles, CA 90051-3996

Your business tax renewal form MUST BE POSTMARKED NO LATER THAN MIDNIGHT on February 28, 2017 to be considered timely. Your cancelled check is your receipt if mailing your renewal. Your printed copy is your receipt if you are submitting your renewal electronically.

Additional Information